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I found the Simple Way D1 to be a very competent active DI box. Some aspects of its design have clearly been inspired by Radial’s J48, and it is a credit to Simple Way that the D1’s performance matches or exceeds that of the J48 in most areas.

Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound

Simple Way D1’s mechanical design and processing is faultless. A price of 160€ may seem very steep for a lesser-known company, but it’s a great value for professional studios and stage application.

Von Stefan Kosmalla, Tools4Music

In 2014, I’ve acquainted myself with the Simple Way products and since it has become one of my favourite manufacturers. I’m in love with HD1 and happy that they chose to make a microphone as well.

I’ve been using Simple Way DI boxes since they initially came out few years ago. These are the most high end tour grade DIs I have ever seen, so there’s no reason for me to use anything else now.

I have found, what I have been looking for. HD 1 became part of my every gig in a live and studio session, even in a grocery he is with me

Nikolay Lukyanov , Mars Records - Alexey Chumakov, Tanci Minus, Assai. Live - GGF, Tesla Boy, Usadba Jazz, Tony Momrelle

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