Nothing in this world happens by chance. It was fated that in 2013, the founders of Simple Way, Peter Glushkov and Victor Jerjomenko   would meet. A developer of electronic devices, fanatically working in the field of sound and a sound engineer in search of perfect sound just could not but meet and be interested to work together.

 The common interest in sound lead to a torrent of ideas. They started with a DI-box. DI-boxes were always a source of complaints by users and were considered a necessary evil. But years of experience of creating audio devices allowed them to create a device, unique in schematic and musicality. Its sound surpassed the wildest expectations and were very highly appreciated by musicians and experts.

 The first experience was very inspiring. During this work, the concept of further action was developed – we can’t compete with large manufacturers and brands if we won’t sound better than them. We simply must give the musicians a Ferrari for the price of Volkswagen. Our most recent creations – a microphone preamp, guitar booster and a superb condenser microphone has shown that we chose the right path.

– Yours faithfully, Simple Way team 🙂

Peter Glushkov
Peter Glushkov
Founder Simple Way
Director of Marketing
Producer and Mix Engineer
Viktor Jerjomenko
Viktor Jerjomenko
Founder Simple Way
Developer of Radio-Electronic Equipment

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